Met with Oncologist

Met with Oncologist

Dear Friends,

This past Thur Kay and I met with the oncologist. After reviewing all the diagnostic material, she confirmed that Kay has Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma. It has metastasized from the left kidney to 6+ boney sites, mostly on the spine. The largest being on the sacrum. We also met with the radiologist Thur. He wants to treat the sacrum site immediately, starting this Monday, because of the potential nerve damage from the cancer mass and potential fracture of the pelvis. All due to the size of the ca mass.Ten days of radiology after which immunotherapy will begin intravenously. None of these treatments comes without an ugly menu of potential side effects. Surgical removal of the kidney has been ruled out.

Kay is getting good sleep at night and her appetite seems just a bit better. Overall she is tired but there are periods of the day where Kay has a burst of energy and is involved in some routine chores.
It’s so encouraging to see her occasional smile and we even manage a laugh or two.

We trust what God has before us and take one day at a time. Kay and I are grateful for all of you.
Please continue to pray.


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